Structural And Civil Engineering: The Difference You Didn’t Notice

Civil engineering and structural engineering are just two areas from the arena of technology that deal with analysis, preservation and design structure of components. During development years in architecture and science, engineering has grown a lot. The differentiation between structural engineering and civil engineering is tricky. Civil engineering is considered as one of the fields in technology. Its history goes back to when individuals have started building a shelter for themselves. This technology discipline is offered at universities as a level course and contains disciplines like geotechnical engineering, transport engineering, environmental engineering and structural engineering.

Engineering as a technology discipline

Engineering requires the investigation, design, construction and maintenance of structures which counteract or strengthen loads, such as skyscrapers and bridges. This technology discipline is offered in even a doctorate or a master’s degree at technical universities. They differ in many aspects, though, they may belong to the field of technology. While technology concerns scrutinizing of materials to be utilized for a building, engineering focuses attention on it. They consider materials used for building to support structure design.

Structural engineering – an essential part of civil engineering

In summary, civil engineering is a broad subject that covers structural engineering. It is a first step provided by technical universities’ courses that is also studied at a bachelor level. And on the other hand, structural technology is a subject under civil technology. It’s also a specialization which leads to a master’s degree or doctor’s degree. In reality, their difference and similarities aren’t really that important. Significant thing is that they are crucial for knowledge needed for the building industry. Engineering firms provide both, civil engineering and structural engineering, services to customers because they understand that they are both essential in any construction work or development project.

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